Do you know which of the products contributes most to company's profitability? How much of the revenue generates sales manager B? What are the storage costs of product C? If you know how to use financial accounting information, you know the answers.

FINDIR can get all the management accounting information you need. Just tell us, what information you require for your business decisions and we will prepare the easy-readable, graphic and valuable reports for you. Here are some examples:


Return on capital employed (ROCE), Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT), Gross profit, Profitability by product / sales manager.  


Current liquidity ratio, Quick liquidity ratio, Cash operating cycle.


Inventory turnover, Distribution costs per item, Inventory holding costs, Payable / receivable turnover, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).


Debt and equity ratio, Interest cover ratio, Alternative financing cost.


Marketing costs per product sold, Average sales amount per customer, Revenue per employee, Percentage of returned products.


Earning per share, Dividend yield, Dividend cover, Price/earning ratio.